America's Access Lift  has the convenience of fitting in limited spaces.  If you have approximately 30 square feet, our access lift will meet your minimal hoistway requirements.  With 18 square feet of clear inside car space you will have ample room for  a wheelchair and attendant.

Delivery of our package requires approximately 6 weeks from receipt of approved submittals.  All standard packages will ship pre-assembled and pre-wired for quick and easy field installation.

If we can help fill your needs with our L.U.L.A. package, please call us toll free at (800) 748-9711.

Power Unit:  Shall consist of a submersible motor directly coupled to a constant displacement rotary screw pump, oil reservoir, 2-speed control valve and ball valve shut-off.  The control valve shall be field adjustable, pressure compensating, and include a safety check valve, manual lowering valve and continuous duty solenoids.  The power unit shall be located adjacent to the hoistway at the lowest landing.

Control:  Shall be momentary pressure, single automatic call/dispatch type, microprocessor based.  The car shall be called via a single call button, or key switch at each floor, or dispatched from the car station.   The car station shall contain labeled pushbuttons for each floor served, and emergency stop button, an alarm button, and a car light switch.

Guide Rails:  Shall be two (2) members with smooth splices, located on one side of the hoistway to accurately guide the car and piston, secured to the hoistway wall by suitable brackets and hardware.

Cables:  Shall be two (2) 3/8" diameter, 8 x 19 traction steel, each with ultimate strength of 8200 lbs.

Plunger:  The plunger shall be accurately ground and polished seamless steel.  The bottom of the plunger shall be fitted with a heavy steel disc welded in place and provided with a suitable extended edge to provide a positive stop. 

Cylinder:  The cylinder shall be machined from steel pipe with a machined flange at the upper end and a heavy steel bulkhead welded in the lower end.  Top of cylinder shall be fitted with an air bleeder and return line.

Door locks:  Combination unit system contact and lock shall be furnished for each hoistway entrance.  Locking device shall prevent elevator operation unless doors are closed and prevent opening of doors when car is not at landing.

Hoistway (Work by Others):  A suitable hoistway conforming to local building code.  A 220 volt, single phase, 60 Hz.   Power terminated in a fused disconnect switch, located adjacent to the elevator controller.  A separate 115 volt circuit for car lighting to be supplied.   Hoistway entrance doors with suitable latch set.  Telephone in car connected to outside exchange.


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